Driving license revoked for drunken driving

Walvis Bay resident Elizabeth Cronje’s driving license was revoked for one year, and she was slapped by a fine of N$20 000 or one year imprisonment, after Magistrate John Sindano found her guilty last week of drunken driving.
Cronje was arrested on 6 February this year.
As this was the fourth time that she was arrested and charged for drunken driving, a request for direct imprisonment for a period of 18 months was handed in by the state prosecutor, Sylvia Kauluma.
In 2012 Cronje paid fines of N$6 000 and N$8 000 respectively and in 2015 paid a fine of N$10 000 for drunken driving convic-tions.
The court wanted to revoke her driver’s license in 2015, but she then pleaded with the Magistrate she is an estate agent and that due to her work she is in need of her driving license.
Court records show during a previous court appearance Cronje told the court she had learned a lesson and would never drink and drive again.
Walvis Bay municipal traffic chief Eben Platt welcomed the convictions. “The traffic department welcomes the amount that is set for the fine and that her driver’s license been revoked by the magistrate for such a period. The traffic department supports the request made by the by the state prosecutor for direct imprisonment. Direct imprisonment for drunken driving is something the Ministry of Justice has to look into.
With the festive season on hand the message is clear: stay away behind the steering wheel when you are under the influence of alcohol. Not even money will save you now.

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