Drugs and more drugs

Isaac Chikosi

The three most common drugs in Namibia are crack, mandrax and marijuana. Although much has been done to curb the use and dealing of drugs, this remains a significant problem.

Allegedly, a 46-year-old woman was found in possession of 1 gram of suspected cocaine powder valued at N$500 during Police action over the weekend. Zelda Lourens was arrested along the airport road on Saturday.
On the same day, it is alleged that Ileni Ndawendwa Shitaleni (36) was apprehended for contravening Act 41/1971 by dealing 34 grams of suspected cocaine powder and 10 full mandrax tablets valued at N$18 000. Shitaleni was arrested at a house in Rakotoka Street, in Jabulani Mondesa.
Both suspects were set to appear in court yesterday.

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