DTA and NUDO to pay more for erven than SWAPO

The Swakopmund Town Council has, in principle, approved the sale of properties to two political parties, one for the DTA and another for NUDO. Judging by the purchase price decided on though, both parties will have to fork out significantly more compared to the sale of the SWAPO erf earlier this year.

According to the agenda of the recent meeting Council received two applications from the political parties who wish to purchase erven to meet their needs. The National Unity Democratic Organization (NUDO) applied for an erf to construct their regional offices. The DTA of Namibia has similar intentions, wanting to erect a party constituency/branch office in Swakopmund. According to the agenda Council has identified two properties zoned as “General Business” in extension 25, where a total of six erven are available.
“The estimated sizes of these erven are 2 300 square metres each. The size is large enough for a constituency office and parking,” the agenda states. Although the zoning makes provision for other uses of the property an agreement with the parties “must provide for the use of constituency office only.” This point is explained as Council considers a subsidized price.
When determining the purchase price, Council decided that the minimum price offered must cover the cost for the installation of services. The cost for the services of extension 25 and 26 was calculated at N$110 per square metre. Calculated at the average size of 2 300 square metres, the minimum purchase price will amount to roughly N$253 000 for one property.
At the recent meeting Council (in principle) approved the allocation of one erf each to the two parties. The sale can only commence once the township of extension 25 has been proclaimed though. Although the area is already serviced, currently there is no Surveyor-General approved general plan in place. The erven can therefore not be transferred at this stage.
When considering the prices decided on above, the two opposition parties will pay significantly more compared to the property sold to SWAPO. Earlier this year Council approved the sale of the property, where the SWAPO constituency office is located on, for a total of N$220 000. The property in question measures a total of 4 363 square metres (erf 3468) making the price per square metre a mere N$50.4.

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