Duinesig hosts career week

Rudi Bowe

Duinesig High School recently set the ‘Dream-Plan-Achieve’ agenda in motion with their first-ever educational career week at the school in Walvis Bay’s Kuisebmond.

The career week was held in an effort to focus learners on a certain career path, instill a sense of purpose from an early age and to equipping learners with knowledge about different institutions for future studies. So many senior learners are uninformed or struggle to make choices for their future careers or tertiary education.
Numerous institutions exhibited and shared the available study opportunities with learners of Duinesig High School, Kuisebmond Secondary School De Duine Secondary School, Tutaleni High School and Flamingo Secondary School in Walvis Bay.
The Deputy Mayor of Walvis Bay, Saara Mutondoka, said that the spectrum of institutions presented at the career week will provide an insightful perspective on job scopes and opportunities in different fields.
The Deputy Mayor expressed her gratitude to the school for hosting and organising the career week. “It serves as a great platform for learners and teachers to do some research, since the institutions at career fairs provide a huge amount of information and experience.”
She also encouraged learners to make use of the opportunity, as it might help them in the challenging task of deciding on their career path.
Acting Walvis Bay circuit inspector, Joseph Martin, delivered a speech on behalf of the Erongo Education Director, Ernfriede Stephanus, who said that the formal education circular number 03/2018 emphasises how to effectively and successfully implement and manage the curriculum.
The same circular highlighted three important aspects namely, strong curriculum leadership, management and support at national, circuit and school level and strong parent and community support. It also directed each school to have a career guidance week and that all schools offering grade 9 should organise a parent/learners guidance session to guide learners on subjects that are offered in grades 10-12 and that the career guidance should be held in collaboration with high education institutions.
The Principal of Duinesig High School SG Uri-Khob labelled the career week a guiding tool. “It must serve as an eye-opener and above all, broaden our learners’ horizons. The diversity represented speaks to the diverse abilities, skills and talents of the human race,” he said.
Uri-Khob emphasised that if at an early age learners have the right information about different career paths, focused learners and goal-driven learners will transform into determined students who will not change majors every year.
The principal thanked all the exhibitors for accepting to explore, guide and provide consultation to the learners.

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