Ear bitten off – more information start to emerge

The bar brawl at popular hang-out spot at Swakopmund last weekend in which a young man’s ear was bitten off, may have criminal consequences for both the victim and his attacker.

An argument after a female allegedly made unwanted advances to a man allegedly gave rise to the incident which polarised the coastal community over the past few days with people taking sides.
The victim reportedly got upset when his former girlfriend made advances to another man in the club. The victim allegedly started a heated argument with his ex-girlfriend and at one point allegedly took off his belt and wrapped it around his hand using the buckle of the belt as a weapon.
The victim allegedly also broke a glass on his own forehead to demonstrate his anger and was taken outside by security personnel.
At some point the man accused of biting off the victim’s ear was asked [by the victim] to stay out of the altercation between him and his girlfriend. The attacker who bit off the victim’s ear is a rugby player for Wanderers Rugby.
Bystanders saw the rug-by player attacking the victim outside the club, wrestling him to the ground and biting off his ear. Witnesses added this week though that the victim’s behaviour was aggressive and he too could face charges of assault by threat and crimen injuria.
He has in the meantime been hospitalised in Walvis Bay and the part of his ear that was bitten off was re-attached and a skin graft followed.
In the meantime Wanderers Sport Club reacted to the article in Tues-day’s edition of Namib Times. Contrary to reports that the Club would have met on Monday night to discuss the future of this player, only an informal meeting took place on Sun-day already. At this meeting it was decided that the Club cannot be linked to this incident as the player was not on Wanderers premises and did not wear a Wanderers sport uniform and therefore the law would be left to take its course on the matter.

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