Earth tremors felt at Usakos

Two earth tremors between 18:00 and 19:00 on Monday have Usakos residents pondering whether it could have something to do with the series of earthquakes around the globe in recent days.
Are these tremors as a result of the earth’s ever changing geological arrangement as a result of earth quakes?
Several Usakos residents confirmed the tremors. One resident confirmed feeling the tremors some
5km north west of Usakos in the direction of Ameib and a second felt the tremors on a farm some 15km east of the town in the direction of the Navachab gold mine.
“The tremors were definitely coming from the direction of the mine. There was no blasting though”, said one resident.
“Maybe this is a tiny seismic event in the bigger global picture of earthquakes the past days around the globe”, another said.

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