Earthquake in Damaraland

Isaac Chikosi

A monitoring station of Geological Survey of Namibia (GSN) at Karibib recorded a 4.1 magnitude earthquake (Richter scale) some 44 kilometres northwest of Khorixas on Tuesday. Nine other monitoring stations of GSN registered also picked up the earth-quake as far afield as Rundu and Aus in southern Namibia.

The Ministry of Mines and Energy, under which Geological Survey of Namibia resorts, issued a statement on Tuesday confirming the earthquake struck at 16:32. The earthquake occurred at a depth of less than 10 kilometres and is thus classified as “shallow”.
The statement quotes the Deputy Executive Director of the Geological Survey of Namibia, Gloria Simubali, who said a team was to be dispatched to the area where the earthquake occurred. The team will among others interview inhabitants in the area to determine whether there was damage and how people were affected.
In the statement people are given guidelines to stay safe during an earthquake. These guidelines include staying away from windows during an earthquake and to watch out for falling objects. Find refuge under solid objects like a table or stand in a doorway, as this stand the least chances of collapsing. If outdoors try and find a clear area for refuge away from trees, buildings and objects like power lines.

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