Easier said than done

Health Minister Dr. Kalumbi Shangulasays his ministry is not only working non-stop to prevent the spread of the new Coronavirus (Covid-19), but also has to keep focused on existing health programs that was running before this global pandemic hit the country’s borders. The Minister implied Covid-19 is an enemy to be reckoned with.

“This year, Covid-19 has dominated every aspect of our lives. Covid-19 has managed to do what my other diseases failed to do, and that is to upset both social- and economic life of all societies. Its impact on health, education, and on the economy is unparalleled.

Who could have imaged a year ago that learners and teachers would be sent home this year because of Covid-19? Who could have imagined last year that this year the universities would be closed due to Covid-19? Even with Covid-19 it does also not mean that other diseases would take leave because Covid-19 has come on the scene.

And this is a challenge to the Ministry of Health and Social Services: to cope with Covid-19 and at the same time to continue with existing health programmes.

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