EBHN and MMMC sign agreement

Rudi Bowe

A recognition and procedural agreement were signed between Elgin Brown & Hamer Namibia (EBH Namibia) and the Mining, Metal, Maritime and Construction Workers Union (MMMC).
The purpose of this Agreement is to provide a healthy partnership framework for the 294 employers under the management level of EBH Namibia.
The agreement will foster and support the effective involvement of the employees, and their representatives, at the earliest possible stage in influencing decisions and in joint information sharing, learning and problem solving. In so doing, this supports the provision of high quality services as well as improving the quality of the working life of the employees of EBH Namibia.
As one of the biggest employers in the Walvis Bay Marine Industrial sector, EBH Namibia has always maintained fair and transparent labour practices and welcomes the opportunity to once again be associated with MMMC.
The Acting Chief Executive Officer of EBH Namibia said that “The signing ceremony represents a significant mile-stone for management, employee relationships within EBH Namibia and underscores the relevance of having a recognised Trade Union as a representative of its members within the defined bargaining unit.
“The Company is committed to the principle of collective bargaining at both national and local level and recognises the important role of Trade Unions in promoting harmonious employee relations as well as health and safety practices” Heritha Muyoba added.
“We are grateful to our partners in this joint relationship and the workers’ representative committee as well as all our employees for the positive spirit in which this process and agreement were concluded,” Muyoba concludes.
The Deputy General Secretary Joseph Garoeb said “MMMC Union shall guide the employees and Shop Stewards of EBH Namibia as to their rights and obligation in terms of this agreement and enhance efficiency in the workplace and we will honour this agreement to a progressively higher level of efficiency.”
I want to be part of the change in the upliftment of our members and scale the productivity level within the company as the business levels are not favourable at the moment.
Garoeb also mentioned that both parties shall use their best endeavours to resolve issues in good faith between them and will share vital information with the establishment.

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