EBHN changes its stance on Ryazanovka

Ship repair and marine industrial stakeholder Elgin Brown Hamer Namibia (EBHN) put into perspective this week reasons why it would conduct ship repair work to the Ryazanovka, the vessel that has been linked to a controversial application by a Chinese-owned company to the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources to capture live dolphins, orca whales, seals and penguins for live export to Asia.
EBHN late in 2016 initially refused to conduct repairs to the vessel in order for it to renew its seaworthy certification. However, this week in a statement EBHN said it will assist the vessel now, as Ryazanovka cannot leave Namibian waters without seaworthy certification. The company explained it is a professional service provider in the ship and marine industrial sector and has a fiduciary duty to deliver a service in this regard.
The statement, which was issued by EBHN’s local communications office was also forwarded to Anti Plunder Action Group, which is an environmental activism group that was formed by local residents to put pressure on the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources not to grant any licenses for live export of Namibia’s marine creatures, and for the Chinese applicant to abandon its application.
Ryazanovka’a captain confirmed recently the vessel is leaving Namibia, as the pressure from the media and environmental groups has become too much.
Without crucial repairs and certification though, the vessel cannot set sail
In what follows, EBHN’s statement: “Further to your recent correspondence with our CEO, Mr. Hannes Uys; we hereby submit our official response:
As a proudly Namibian marine and industrial engineering service provider and owner/operator of 3 floating docks; EBH Namibia has attended to the repair and maintenance required by various local and international flagged vessels that visit Walvis Bay’s port since its inception.
The company was contacted by a representative of the MFV ‘Ryazanovka’ late December 2016 with the request to attend to repairs required by the vessel’s class society in order for her safety certificates to be renewed by the flag state – Russia. Without this the vessel will not be able to depart from Namibian waters.
EBH Namibia initially declined to assist the vessel as we are aware of the controversy surrounding it that sparked continued media coverage and intense public scrutiny over recent months, however their need of service was validated in writing by the Namibian Ports Authority as well as the Directorate of Maritime Affairs: Ministry of Works and Transport.
At EBH Namibia, we are dedicated to maintaining high ethical standards and conducting our business in a professional manner that safeguards our employees, benefits local communities and strengthens the Namibian economy. The business’s reputation is founded on our safety ethic, value-adding and customer-centric approach, therefor it remains our fiduciary duty to provide essential services to all national and international vessels navigating in or transiting through Namibian territorial waters.
The assistance provided by EBH Namibia to this vessel should in no way be seen as an endorsement of its alleged business and associated activities and will be concluded without prejudice.”

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