“Edward Bohlen” and Parow’s special link

Probably the most famous shipwreck along the Namibian coast is that of the “Eduard Bohlen”. The ship ran aground in the early 1900’s in thick fog at Conception Bay, some 80 miles south of Walvis Bay.
But what does this shipwreck and the suburb Parow in Cape Town have in common? We asked this question in our edition of the Namib Times, 6 March 1970?
The answer is not complicated, yet very interesting. The Master of the ill fated “Eduard Bohlen” was a certain Captain Parow. This shipwreck was the end of Captain Parow’s sea career and he bought a poultry farm outside Cape Town that he named after himself. Later this poultry farm was incorporated as part of the city’s extension and it was called Parow.

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