Eighteen months to jail for dunken driving

Floris Steenkamp

One too many. A Walvis Bay resident was slapped with an eighteen months jail sentence on 4 February this year, after being convicted for the fifth time for drunken driving.

Elizabeth (Betsy) Cronjé’s (picture) only hope now is to wait for an early release on good behaviour.
Cronjé was convicted a few months ago also on a charge of drunken driving and received a N$20 000 fine and her driving license was suspended.
When she was convicted on 4 February, magistrate Vicky Nikolaidis was not amused to see Cronjé back in the dock for the same offence.
Not only is Cronjé a danger on the road, but she also showed a total disregard for the law.
Magistrate Nikolaidis ruled that a jail term is the only option, seeing that Cronjé already paid a total of N$44 000 in fines.
In addition to the jail sentence, Cronjé was also fined with a further N$1000 for driving whilst her driving license is suspended following an earlier conviction.
Cronjé, a well known hairdresser and estate agent, may also not apply for a driving license for a period of five years.

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