Elderly moves to obtain bricks for safe boundary wall

Senior citizens at Welwitschia Phase 2 Government Housing units for independent lower income older persons of the Ministry of Health and Social Services in Swakopmund are urgently in dire need of a proper boundary wall and some safety fencing to prevent burglaries that take place on a regular basis there and have bought bricks.

The current boundary wall that is there is in a very bad condition and will fall down anytime because the wall is cracked, making it easy for thieves to break in. The senior citizens of Welwitschia Phase 2 have been pleading with the community for assistance because they are looking for donations of any kind that will help them in building their boundary wall from scratch.
Just to show how serious they are and for a kick-start the Senior citizens went deep in their pockets and also donated 300 bricks towards the building of the boundary wall. Welwitschia Phase 2 housing unit have a total number of 46 members and they have a monthly contribution they make, according to Cecilia Holtzhausen who initiated the project, the senior citizens used their monthly contributions to purchase the bricks and also used the funds they have been generating from the sale of pancakes.
“We still need a lot of money and material to build the wall. So we are asking the community of Swakopmund and closer towns to Swakopmund to buy a brick for N$ 16.00 or a bag of cement for N$ 100.00 and donate it towards the Welwitschia Park phase 2 for the building of the boundary wall.
Every brick or bag of cement we get bring us closer to make it possible for us to build the boundary wall for the citizens living there,” adds Holtzhausen.

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