Electricity price hike not that significant

Regional electricity distributor, Erongo RED, said this week it remains committed to supply electricity to its customers at the lowest possible rate, given the prevailing negative economic cli-mate. The rate hike was formally announced on Wednesday.

Erongo RED has not increased its tariffs for the past two consecutive years (19/20 and 20/21) and the increase that came into effect on 1 July this year varies from two cents per unit to four cents per unit, depending on the customer segment.
To further minimise the impact on electricity consumers, the regional electricity distributor will keep in place the following as well:
∙There will be no basic charges for pensioners using up to the 40-ampere circuit breakers.
∙The so-called “block tariff structure” will also stay in place for consumers using the 20-ampere circuit breakers. The first 100 units is charged at a lower rate, followed by a higher rate for units 101 to 500 and the highest rate from unit 501 onwards. The system resets every month, meaning the consumer will again pay the lowest rate for the first 100 units.
∙Pre-paid consumers above the 20-amperes threshold will continue to pay the flat-rate tariff, meaning units are charged at the same rate throughout the month.
∙Erongo RED will also continue to supply and install prepaid meters for free to pensioners, as well as for consumers under debt management.
Erongo RED continues with its campaign to support consumers, who cannot afford commercial tariffs, with its lifeline Social Tariff policy. The company urges the public to apply to benefit from the Social Tariff policy if their circumstances meet the necessary criteria.

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