Electricity tariffs unchanged for the next year

Regional electricity supply company, Erongo RED announced on Wednesday it will keep its electricity rate unchanged for a period of the next twelve months until 30 June 2020. That is despite Nampower’s 2,5 % increase on bulk electricity rates (the rate at which Erongo RED purchases its electricity from Nampower for retail sale to electricity consumers).

At a media briefing on Wednesday at Erongo RED’s headquarters in Walvis Bay, the company stated consumers might see a 2 cents in-crease which is statutory levies (Electricity Control Board levy and National Energy Fund levy) over which the company has no control.
In a second highly appreciated gesture, Erongo RED also announced a 10 % reduction in its Network Service Fee charged to farmers. This reduction will result in farmers in the Region experiencing a reduction in their Erongo RED invoice amounts of between 1 % and 6 %
Note: full list of tariffs of Erongo RED can be viewed on pages 12 and 13 of today’s edition.

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