Employees ‘locked out’ ahead of strike

Employees of Namibian Press and Tools International (Pty) Ltd are currently on strike as a result of failed wage negotiations, a week earlier than intended.
With guidance of Metal and Allied Namibian Workers Union (MANWU), the employees planned to have a strike on 6 March, due to unresolved negotiations in regard to wages after the dispute was conciliated on 16 February and a deadlock was reached. A Certificate of Unresolved Dispute was thereafter issued by the conciliator. The employees voted for a strike and submitted a notice of industrial action to the company through MANWU.
However, on 22 February the company applied for a lockout to start on 27 February, a week ahead of the intended strike. Keeping the employees out of the premises. The employees decided to go on with the strike to compel the company to at least answer to their demand.

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