Empowering girls through dance

Rudi Bowe

During the 3-day programme, participants took lessons from Gary Hoffmann, a Hip-Hop dancer from Namibia, Hadley and Ashlynn Erasmus Hip-Hop/Street dancers from Cape Town and Catherine Samson, ballet dancer and the owner of IDE.

Samson said, “It opens doors for young girls with a passion for dance and empowers the young girls to get to know who they are by doing something they love. The dance gives an opportunity to create friendships and sister hood. Support surrounds children and with care we build a brighter future for them where people who matter come together to give children a sporting chance”.
Gary Hoffmann said that he would love to work with these girls and give them the opportunity to peruse a career in dancing as it not only a hobby but also a means of making money with dancing events and music videos.
“To help these girls we need a venue to set up a dance studio and for this we need money. I would like to do this free of charge for all girls under the age of 18 years. We would like to plea to the Walvis Bay community to assist in setting up the studio”, Hoffmann added.
Ingrid Van Niekerk, the mother of Catherine Samson said that the programme was a big success. She would like to thank their sponsors and everyone that helps.
The children that participated in the program were: Kelly Areses, Jure-Lee Kusch, Camiryn February, Princonley Hiskia, Viwand-jininga Kalumona, Jade Kamaundju, Bertha Queen Kinda, Caylin Knowles, Amor Laksman, Tayla Ava Martins, Ruzel Moka-leng, Sharivo-Dean Ockhuizen, Fimanekeni Paulus, Tamika Rossouw, Sarifa Chriszelda Skeyer and Lovely Kelly Swartbooi with Cline-Lee Kusch, Zita Petersen, Zoey Petersen Valmaray Raynard and Venesheree Raynard as the Juniors.
IDE addresses the immediate challenges faced by young girls in Africa and focuses on the individual human development through the transformative power of dance, by providing young girls who share that same passion and vision for dance an opportunity and platform to excel and succeed in dance. The Inter-national Dance Exchange Program provides high-level and immersive dance experience filled with movement, music, ad-venture and moving to bring change to girls and youth in less privileged communities in Africa. The girls also learnt how to man-age stress, friendships and how to eat healthy as a healthy body and mind gives a healthy dancer and a happy teenager.

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