Empty houses in Walvis Bay the reason why scenes like this has become regular

A resident of the lagoon suburb was simply flabbergasted by this sight earlier this week of a man bathing himself on the fish cleaning station at the Walvis Bay lagoon.

Several people who passed could only shake their heads in disbelief.
“Clearly there is a lack of discipline among our residents. This is unacceptable and law enforcers need to concentrate more on the areas around the Walvis Bay lagoon”, said this resident.
This resident was further of opinion that empty houses in Walvis Bay lured a large number of vagrants in recent months and with the lack of water and electricity at these houses it is not surprising that public areas are be-coming scene of embarrassment for the town.
These empty houses are mostly striped of window- and door frames, all infrastructure like water pipes, electricity cables, taps, doors and any other valuables are removed that can be sold for scrap. Vagrants are living in these empty shells.
Furthermore, criminals are also using these houses to hide and to hide stolen items.
“We really need to up our discipline as residents of Walvis Bay. We cannot see our town slipping into a state of disarray”, she added. She called upon the town council to discuss the issue of empty houses with the municipality, in order to bring these homeowners to book.

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