Entrance fee to enter the Jetty is “bogus”

The Swakopmund tourism fraternity has warned swindlers who are demanding an entrance fee from tourists who wish to walk on the Swakopmund Jetty. The call follows an incident on Monday evening when a couple from overseas was stopped at the entrance of the coastal landmark and had to pay N$20 per person to enter the jetty.
“The jetty is public space and is free for everybody to visit without any fees,” confirmed municipal Public Relations Officer Ailie Gebhardt to namib times. She added that the municipality will send “our law officers to investigate (the matter) and call that person to order.”
The incident occurred on Monday evening as the young couple wanted to walk to the end of the jetty. As the tourists were about to enter the jetty area, an unidentified man stopped them and demanded the entrance fee. Initially the tourists didn’t want to pay, as there is no sign or notice attached to support the man’s claim. But the person was adamant and said that the “money is for Council” after which the tourists obliged and paid.
On Tuesday, the message regarding the fake entrance fee was spreading on various social media platforms.
The message reads: “Please take note and spread the word! There is a person charging N$20 “entrance” to the jetty and claiming it goes the municipality’s Save the Jetty Fund”. Please inform any of your guests or visitors to Swakop that this is bogus and there is no jetty entrance fee. It is free for all to enjoy!”

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