Erongo Marine Enterprises hands over N$210 000 towards hostel repair

Erongo Marine Enterprises handed over a cheque of N$210 000 to the Office of the Erongo Regional Governor recently on Friday, the money to be used for the repair and maintenance of several Swakopmund school hostels.
Erongo Marine Enterprises pledged the money during the Namibian Newspaper Cup fundraising dinner that was hosted by the Office of the Governor.
According to the Managing Director of Erongo Marine Enterprises, Dr. Martha Uumati, the money is specifically earmarked for the school hostels in Swakopmund: “so at the gala dinner when we heard about the schools and saw the presentation on the schools we, decided that this is an opportunity to actually invest and to give back.
We are aware some of the hostels are in extreme need of repair and it is affecting the Namibian child”, said Dr. Uumati. According to Dr. Uumati she lived in hostel and is aware of the negative effect of deteriorated hostels on the quality of life for the children.
“We would like to see our children living in conducive environments and of course also when we are hosting events such as the Namibian Newspaper Cup taking place over the Easter weekend. The players can also now live in an equally conducive environment.”
So as one of the captains of the horse mackerel industry, it is important for us that our fishing rights and the profits gained through our operations benefit not just us but the wider community”, Uumati added.
“Our policy here in Erongo region is that yes we make use of the government budget, but we also go beyond the government budget. We always go out of our way to use various means to tackle the problem and address it.
Some of our hostels are not well. That’s why we thought let’s use the money on the hostels and repair whatever we need to repair. Therefore, on behalf of the regional leadership we were really humbled by your gesture. Rest assured we will make use of that money for that specific purpose.
Your contribution is really a double contribution to the Namibian Newspaper Cup and to the social upliftment of the quality of education of the Namibian child”, remarked the Governor of Erongo Clr. Cleophas Mutjavikua at the cheque handing over ceremony.

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