Erongo Regional Council sworn in – historic moment

The Erongo Regional Council was inaugurated at its headquarters in Swakopmund on Wednesday, ushering in a new political dispensation.

Swapo Party of Namibia, which dominated the regional council since 1992 has lost two seats, leaving the party in the minority with the Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) with three seats and the United Democratic Front (UDF) with one seat.
Indications are the UDF will form an alliance with the IPC to maintain a majority.
The Erongo Regional Council members are: Cllr. Ciske Howard-Smith (IPC); Florian Donatus (IPC); Deriou Benson (IPC); Melania Ndjago (Swapo); Ernest Wetha (Swapo); Benitha Imbamba (Swapo) and Kennedy !Haoseb (UDF).
The seven constituencies of the Erongo Regional Council are represented by these Councillors as follow: Walvis Bay Urban – Deriou Benson; Walvis Bay Rural – Florian Donatus; Swakopmund – Ciske Howard-Smith (also Chairperson of the Erongo Regional Council); Arandis – Benitha Imbamba; Karibib – Melania Ndjago; Omaruru – Ernest Wetha and Daures – Kennedy !Haoseb.

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