Erongo school principals bid farewell to Olivier

On Tuesday principals of the Erongo region said their goodbyes to Mr Ernest Olivier, the Inspector of Education in the Swakopmund Circuit, as he steps into retirement. The farewell function was held at Henties Bay. Olivier has been in the education sector since 1981, clocking 36 years.
Olivier, who celebrated his 60th birthday last week, will be helping out until the end of July says Mrs Kooper, the Principal of Tamariskia Primary School.
He has been serving as the Inspector of Education for the Swakopmund Circuit for three years. Before moving to the Erongo region, he was a teacher at Rehoboth High School for a period of ten years.
Olivier joined the Erongo Regional Education Department in 1991 and served as a teacher at Tamariskia Primary School. In 1992, he moved over to Deutsche Oberschuhle Swakopmund, now known as Namib High School, as a teacher. In 1996 Olivier was promoted and served as a Head of Department (HOD) at Namib High School (NHS) until 2006. From January 2006, he was the Acting Principal of NHS and in July 2006 he was promoted to school principal, the position in which he served until July 2014. In May 2014 Olivier moved to the Erongo Education Regional Office where he was appointed as the Inspector of Education for the Swakopmund Circuit, a position he held until his retirement.
Kooper described Olivier as a humble and wise person. “He is someone that liked to bring forth others and assist others. He always showed respect towards others and on behalf of the Swakopmund circuit I would like to wish him all the best for the new journey which he is about to embark upon. He is a veteran in the education department”, said Kooper, who has been a colleague of Olivier for the past few years. The Principal of Coastal High School, Mr. Martin, said Olivier will be dearly missed by all. “By schools, the regional office and everyone within the education sector”, Martin continued: “he liked giving motivational speeches to the Grade 10 and 12 learners, especially during the exam times. He even offered further assistance with regard to motivating learners.”

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