“Eyes in the sky” watching for illegal activity along the coast

Illegal hunters, poachers and thieves beware – the non-profit organisation Intelligence Support Against Poaching (ISAP) will conduct daily aerial patrols along the Namibian coastline this festive season and report any activities harmful to the environment.
Operation Protector officially commenced on 1 December and will last at least until 15 January. ISAP will be working in collaboration with the Namibian Police, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources and the West Coast Safety Initiative.
“This is the first time we are launching such an operation. We will closely monitor the coastlines and activities in the Dorob National Park and notify the authorities of any suspicious behavior”, said Fritz Kaufmann, initiator of ISAP, to namib times.
ISAP has deployed its aircraft (V5-LCE) and is conducting daily patrols up and down the central coast. The members will be looking out especially for illegal/irresponsible offroad driving, illegal fishing, driving on sensitive Lichen fields and other ecological sensitive areas as well as any other infringements that constitutes an environmental transgression. “Our aircraft will also be on stand-by to assist any of the authorities with any requirements they may have”, Kaufmann continued, without being specific as it would be determined depending on any specific emergencies or activities arising.
The aircraft operations will be supported via ground support/-reaction teams. “During peak season we expect to have six vehicles on the ground”, he continued.
Kaufmann thanks the public for generous donations made, to support this initiative. The pilot of the airplane, known as “The Protector”, will be Mike Böttger.
Since ISAP’s launch the initiative has had many successes countrywide – many poachers have been arrested and trialed thanks to the quick response by ISAP members. ISAP regards itself as a supportive initiative for the authorities.

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