Famed Namibian artist Koos van Ellinckhuijzen passes on at age 73

The world-renowned artist Jacobus Johannes “Koos” van Ellinckhuijzen (pictured) passed away in Swakopmund on Tuesday at the age of 73. Van Ellinckhuijzen was initially admitted to hospital after suffering a stroke. He passed away in the morning in the Prinzessin Rupprecht Heim.

Van Ellinckhuijzen was born on September 20 1942 in Pretoria. He moved to Swakopmund a few years ago after having lived in Windhoek and South Africa. He was especially known for his work on Namibian and South West African postage stamps. He used mostly water colour or oil paints, acrylic, gouache and airbrush and was well-known for his three-dimensional works. His paintings were exhibited in Namibia, South Africa and the USA.
In her book “Art in Namibia” author Adelheid Lilienthal noted van Ellinckhuijzen for his scientific accuracy of his designs, their clean lines and his use of watercolour techniques. “A special feature of his stamp designs – in fact, all of his paintings – are scientifically accurate, clean drawings and water colour technique. He uses impeccable, clear shadow and brings transparency to be typical of the Namib: Here, objects gets transparent over time, they lose their material substance, they become pure visions of reality. Van Ellinckhuijzen’s ‘Namib mirage’ is one of his early and specific works,” Lilienthal wrote.
Van Ellinckhuijzen leaves four daughters behind.

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