Farm murder rocks Erongo

Eileen van der Schyff

Nicolas Manganda from Rundu murdered his new employer with an axe while he was busy milking the goats, then forced the farmer’s wife into her murdered husband’s vehicle, sped off and overturned the vehicle and fled further on foot.
Manganda was employed on the farm in the Otjimbingwe area since October this year. On Saturday 10 November, it is alleged that Manganda approached the 56-year-old wife of the farmer, Mrs Coetzee and requested her to give him her husband’s fire arm. Mrs Coetzee told Manganda that they do not own a fire arm and then Manganda allegedly searched the house for the weapon but found nothing.
Manganda then took an axe, walked to the kraal and hit Mr Coetzee on the head with the axe. Mr Hendrik Petrus Coetzee died on the spot. It is further alleged Maganda then walked back into the house, took some stuff from the house and loaded it into Mr Coetzee’s GWM pick-up. He instructed Mrs Coetzee into the vehicle. He drove away from the house at around midnight on the Wilhelmstal gravel road. About 35km from Otjimbingwe, Manganda lost control of the vehicle and it overturned. Man-ganda fled from the scene on foot. Mrs Coetzee walked kilometres be-fore she was rescued by people who travelled from Windhoek to Ot-jimbingwe. At last she could report the crime to the Police.
The suspect is still on the run. He is believed to be in the area of Otjiwarongo, Grootfontein or Rundu. The public’s assistance is required to help find Nicolas Manganda. If you have information about his whereabouts can contact Deputy War-rant Officer Simpson Nghiteeka on cell number: 081 384 6896 or Deputy Commissioner Iikuyu on cell number: 081 246 4757 or report to your closest Police Station.

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