Fate of suspended municipal officials in the hands of Prosecutor-General

Namibia’s Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has wrapped up its investigation into the so-called “missing millions” of a State-funded low cost housing scheme in Walvis Bay. The matter is now in the hands of the Office of the Prosecutor-General for a decision whether there is grounds for the criminal prosecution of four (and possibly more) Walvis Bay municipal officials in this matter.

Due to the fact that the municipality of Walvis Bay was tasked to oversee the execution of this low cost housing scheme, the Town Council of Walvis Bay suspended the municipality’s Chief Executive officer, Muronga Haingura, the General Manager of Community Affairs, Agostino Victor, the Manager Housing and Properties, Jack Manale, and housing official Connie Summers when the ACC started its investigation. Allegations are that approximately N$24 million of the State’s funds earmarked for the said low cost housing development are unaccounted for.

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