Father and sons dominate lawn bowls Nationals

Rudi Bowe

Poena Olivier and his two sons Cabous Olivier and Ronan Olivier dominated the Annual National Lawn Bowls Championships at the Transnamib Bowling Club in Windhoek on Saturday 13 July.

The Championships attracted 76 bowlers who competed in Singles, Pairs, Triples and Fours divisions.
Cabous Olivier was crowned as the National Men’s Singles Champion. Poena Olivier and his two sons were crowned as the National Triple Champions and the Oliviers with their friend AJ Visser were crowned as the Four divisions National Champions.
The annual National Lawn Bowls Championship is an event on the Bowls calendar where bowlers do not need to compete as a club but may choose their own partners. Players from different clubs end up playing together and is open to all bowlers who are affiliated to a Namibian Bowls Association.
The turn out this year was less from last year with only a few bowlers from the coastal clubs competing. Excellent bowls was played at the tournament and many new names ended got medals. Several younger players are coming in to challenge the older bowlers.
In addition to the winning medals there are two additional medals that are awarded every year, in the men’s section and the Ladies ‘section. The Player of the Tournament went to Cabous Olivier in the men’s section and Mandie Steenkamp in the ladies’ section. Personality of the tournament went to Christo Steenkamp and AnjuleenViljoen in the men’s section and the ladies’ sections respectively.
As a matter of interest, Eros Bowling Club won a total of 14 medals, Trans Namib Bowling Club 10, Namib Park Bowling Club and Windhoek Bowling Club 8 each, Rossmund Bowling Club 7 and Omeya Bowling Club 5.
The Namibian National Men’s Team that will participate in the African States Tournament from 19 to 24 August in Kenya consists of Johan Jacobs, Ewald Vermeulen, Poena Olivier, Cabous Olivier and JP Fouche. The Namibian women’s team withdrew from the tournament.
The complete results are as follow:
Novice Singles:
Gold: Tiekie du Plooy,
Silver: Wojtek Majewski
Gold: Adel Louw
Silver: Merryl Butcher
Senior Singles
Gold: Willie Esterhuizen
Silver: Jackie Visagie
Gold: Kobie Heesakkers
Silver: Heleen Rust
Open Singles
Gold: Cabous Olivier
Silver: Will Esterhuizen
Gold: Mandie Steenkamp
Silver: Annalise Opperman
Open Singles Plate
Gold: Piet Appollis
Silver: Michael Wells
Gold: ElnaEsterhuizen
Silver: Huipie van Wyk
Gold: John Hawthorne/ Ewald Vermeulen
Silver: Graham Snyman/Piet Appollis
Mandie Steenkamp/ Huipie van Wyk
AnjuleenViljoen/Amy Human
Gold: Poena Olivier/Cabous Olivier/ Ronan Olivier
Silver: John Hawthorne/Ewald Vermeulen/Freddie Fouche
Gold: Jenny Gardiner/ Avril Kotze/Margie Stainton
Silver: Lesley Vermeulen/Sheena Hawthorne/Jean Joubert
Gold: Poena Olivier/Cabous Olivier/Ronan Olivier/ AJ Visser
Silver: Will Esterhuizen/Willie Esterhuizen/Christo Steenkamp/Piet Appollis
Gold: Alma Möller/Renette de Kock/KobieHeesakker/TrudaMeaden
Silver: Lynne Lyndsay-Payne/Avril Kotze/Jenny Gardiner/Caryl Andreas


1. Men’s Trips winner Poena Olivier, Cabous Olivier with Ken Morland and Ronan Olivier

2. Men’s Fours winners Poena Olivier, Cabous Olivier with Ken Morland, Ronan Olivier and AJ Visser

3. Men’s singles plate winner Piet Appollis with Ken Morland

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