Festive message by Walvis Bay Mayor

As we prepare for the traditional festive season, there are carols to sing, many a tree to trim, and stockings to hang in anticipation of the families and friends gathering to celebrate, give thanks and look forward to the New Year 2016.

Across the Port City of Walvis Bay, the holiday period is celebrated in many different ways. No matter what beliefs or family traditions, it is a time when our community can join together, reflecting on the past year’s achievements and setting goals for the future.

We must also remember that Christmas is not a happy time for all. So be kind to each other, look out for your mates and extend a supportive hand if required. After all, isn’t that the true meaning behind the Christmas spirit?

Having served on our current Council for five years and having presided over the Port City of Walvis Bay as its Mayor for multiple terms, it’s a great honour and I’m truly delighted to say that a lot of progress and development has taken place within our city and the lives of the people continue to be impacted positively through the provision of timely and qualitative services.

We have been blessed to have accessible resource persons who aided our efforts towards the development agenda for the Port City of Walvis Bay from all spheres of life, including but not limited to the public or private sector, faith based organisations, and community based entities and private citizens

On behalf of Council, I’d like to thank those who have contributed over the past year and encourage others to join them to continue the great work of making the Port City of Walvis Bay a great place to live, run a business, work and raise a family in a safe and cared for environment. I feel deeply privileged to have served this brilliant City and further that the incoming Mayor for the Council term 2016-2020 will continue on the foundation laid by previous leaders towards the creation of a smart city. I wish all residents and visitors in the Port City of Walvis Bay a safe and happy holiday season!

Uillika Nambahu

Mayor (2008-2010; 2012-2015)


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