Festive season figures of incoming traffic remains the same as last year’s

This festive season was no different from all the other seasons in terms of the number of incoming traffic to Swakopmund says Aubrey Oosthuizen of West Coast Safety Initiative, during an interview with namib times.

Oosthuizen said on the B2 route between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay the figures remain the same and also peaked at 120 vehicles per hour travelling both ways compared to 2015.“The incoming traffic normally is about 360 up to about 460/500 vehicles per hour on the main B2 road and it is the same as all the other seasons, I would say it is exactly the same. The number of emergency packs that were handed out were handed out quicker, so it was a clear indication to us that the volumes were there” he said. They normally target the incoming traffic and then after 1 January they start focusing on the outgoing traffic.
According to Oosthuizen, the main reason why there were parking spaces available in the central business area or town is because Swakopmund have developed over the years, as there is the Vineta Shopping Centre, Platz am Meer Shopping Mall and Ocean View Shopping Centre “we have now three other shopping centres and most of the people are not in the mood for standing in long que and they stick to the outside shopping centres.

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