Festive Season Message by the Manager of Traffic Services Mr Melvin Cloete

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

It is against this spiritual back-ground that I therefore call upon all Namibian road users to live the spirit of love during this festive period. As we spend time with our immediate- and extended families, let us use this quality time to rededicate our-selves to being more appreciative of one another and loving towards these special people in our lives.
We should also think beyond our immediate and ex-tended families. Let us think of all road users on the roads, locally and on the national routes, to ensure that we look out for one another’s lives and safety.
Many of us will find ourselves on the roads, travelling to our respective holiday destinations. We should all ensure that we arrive alive by, looking out for one another. This year, let us THINK road safety by taking a united and committed approach towards ensuring all Namibians and visitors from abroad are safe on our roads.
Therefore, let us all participate: law enforcement agencies, drivers, cyclists, passengers and pedestrians.
Being amongst family and friends is always a joyful time, a time for laughter, a time to revel and celebrate. However, we should avoid alcohol abuse or the use of any other intoxicating substances during this time.
These activities pose a risk to human life by contributing towards senseless violence, avoidable accidents and unnecessary in-juries and deaths. Let us therefore endeavor to celebrate responsibly and ensure that this Christmas will be memorable for every-one.
The Festive Season is upon us. The Holiday season is filled with happiness and celebrations, BUT it can also be a time of danger and sorrow for road users. It seems everyone is in a hurry trying to wrap up their shopping and make final preparations to enjoy festive celebrations. As you’re dashing around town, it is important to keep road safety on top of your mind. Streets are busier and drivers are distracted by their holiday to-do-lists.
This season calls upon all of us to be alert and circumspect when we use our roads. Fatalities and injuries are sudden, violent, traumatic and the impact is long lasting and often permanent.
Festive seasons are generally characterised by high traffic volumes, especially in the coastal towns with fatalities over this period remaining unacceptably high.
Apart from the national industry shut-down and school holidays, this period is also a characterised by religious pilgrim-ages and mass events. The risks are higher this year, especially over the Christmas and New Year’s periods.
The Swakopmund Traffic Section, together with all other road law enforcement entities, is on high alert to enforce road safety and in doing so serve our road users. Alone we may not be strong, but we need to stand together with our stakeholders, to declare that road crashers, fatalities and injuries can be stopped.
I appeal and humbly request the Namibian public, especially drivers and visitors, soon to embarking on holiday trips all over the country, to be extra careful on all public roads. Road crashes are among the leading causes of deaths in our country. Particularly during the festive seasons.
Therefore, I would like to urge road users to act responsible and obey the rules of the road. Respect traffic regulations, wear a seatbelt at all times, watch your speed, do not drink and drive, take a rest after a long distance of driving, and generally do everything that we advise to do in order to stay on the safe side of the laws of this country.
Our data reveals that it is the young, productive citizens in the 16-35 age groups that are over-represented in road-traffic fatalities.
Yearly road causalities totaled increase, currently at 621 which is too high and it’s too many

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