Fight Night at the coast

Rudi Bowe

Kickboxers exchanged the rules of the game at the debut of the Namibian Fight Nights (NFN) held at the Swakopmund Entertainment Centre over the weekend.

Kickboxing is much reliant on the use of your feet during a fight, but with the feet out of the game literally to say, these fighters, Lesley /Hoebeb and Delano Muller and the South African champion Given Mothiba could only rely on their fists, weaving and blocking the opponent’ blow with their arms.
Kickboxers and boxers at the coast are working hand in hand to promote their fighters in the region. Therefore, the Namibian Kick-boxing Federation (NKF) in conjunction with Legacy Promotions, Swakopmund Fight Club and the Namibia RCFAI and Kickboxing Academy in Walvis Bay joined together to host the first NFN event.
The event was not only to promote kick-boxing and boxing but also for the fighters to show off their skills and to bring the sport to all levels of society at the coast.
The junior and senior kickboxers started the event by showing off their skills in three rounds of three minutes each. An exhibition-fight to promote women’s presence in kick-boxing was on the cards between Ankia Rentzke from the Academy in Walvis Bay and Marchell Vermaak from the Swakopmund Fight Club. At the end of the three-round fight the judges scored the bout as a draw.
The boxing event started with the junior boxers who took each other on in three rounds of three minutes each.
The event was closed with an exhibition fight between Danny Boy from Legacy Promotions in Swakopmund and Swapo Ndayambekwa from Windhoek. This fight forms part of the preparation of Danny for his international fight later this year.
The NKF President Anita De Klerk said after the event that she was happy with the event and that events like this will be held throughout the year with the next one scheduled for Walvis Bay.
She invites all local fans and the community to come support the local fighters while they pro-mote the sport and show case their skills.
The third edition of the “Desert Storm” Kick-boxing Bonanza will be held in Walvis Bay on 27 and 28 September.

The full results are:
Mason Theron beat Aaron-Christiaan Mouton
Randall Willian beat Nathan Slinger
Giano Alcock and Gussito Nobel draw
Stefan Zerbe beat LuandreThiersen
Ramundo Bowe beat John-Carter Mouton
Wade Slinger beat Allesandro Hendricks
Hirukevi Muhipa beat Devereaux Hendricks
Martin Nandu beat Heinrich Andreas
Ankia Rentzke and Marchell Vermaak draw
Fabian Helu beat Andreas Jonathan
Robert Haufiku beat Robert Robert
Delano Muller beat TaunoHaipeto
Lesley /Hoaeb beat Jonas Ndeuyamunye
Given Mothiba beat Joram
Erikky beat Mwadinange beat Nesimus Amu-tenya
Albinius ‘Danny Boy’ Felesianu beat Swapo Ndayambekwa

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