Final Indoor Triathlon

Biokinetic Rehabilitation Centre hosted their final Indoor Triathlon at their premises last Saturday.
The series consisted of 5 events throughout the year with a total of 147 participants. Different categories and age groups took part i.e advanced, novice, geriatrics, teens, kids, and teams. It was a huge success and we are so thankful to the community and the local business for sponsoring our event as we started off with a mere 20 participants with our first event, and grew into something quite spectacular.
We would like to thank the following sponsors for making this successful event possible – BUCO hardware; Rolls Royce; Walfish Electric; OTB Sport; Coca-Cola; Spar Walvis Bay; SeaNam; Optic Exclusive; Mannie’s Bike Mecca; Anna-Mart Kruger Physiotherapy; Hot-shot Ammunation; Biokinetic Rehabilitation Centre Staff.
The results for the final event:
Advanced male:

  1. Henning du Plessis (0hr 52min 39sec)
  2. Tyrone Kotze (0hr 54min 48sec)
  3. Morné Honiball (0hr 56min 25sec)
    Advanced female
  4. Hesmar Venter (1hr 14min 20sec)
  5. Jancke Rentel (1hr 20min 15sec)
  6. Jessica Lofty-Eaton (1hr 33min 15sec)
    Novice male:
  7. Lesley !Hoaeb (30min 12sec)
  8. Pieter Hollander (31min 26sec)
  9. Stiaan Byleveld (32min 44sec)
    Novice female:
  10. Alana Johnstone (29min 14 sec)
  11. Anri Matthee (36min 13sec)
  12. Johané Matthee (37min 24sec)
    Teens male:
  13. Delano Muller (22min 0sec)
  14. Nathan Snyders (22min 16sec)
  15. Ethan Snyders (22min 18sec)
    Teens female:
  16. Liame Nell (24min 30sec)
  17. Luke Lawrence (5min 21sec)
  18. John-Carter Mouton (6min 43sec)
  19. Aaron Christian (9min 59sec)
  20. Female – Marion Himmel (1hr17min14sec Advanced)
  21. Male – Ecki Himmel (36min23sec Novice)
    The overall event winners with the highest ranking points throughout 2018 were:
    Morné Honiball (advanced male), Lelani Swart (advanced female), Morné Fourie (novice male), Alana Johnstone (novice female), Ecki Himmel (Veteran male), Marion Himmel (Veteran female), Alexander Jansen (teens male), Liame Nell (teens female), John-Carter Mouton (kids male), Roze van Wyk (kids female), Team Guans (Advanced teams division) and SPCA ladies (Novice team division)

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