Fire destroys close to eight shacks

Sharlien Tjambari

A shack fire incident was reported on Friday at about 23:00 at Oletweni Location in Swakopmund where more than eight shacks where destroyed and fortunately no loss of life or injuries were reported.
According to the residents of erf number 3074, the fire started at the shack which is at the entrance of the yard and spread over to the other six shacks on the same erf and razed all six shacks to the ground.
The shacks were built in such a way that there was no space to rescue properties, “all we could do was to save ourselves and the children. There was no time to grab anything because the fire spread out so fast”, said one lady whose shack was opposite the one in which the fire had started. The young man who oversaw the erf confirmed that there was a total of eight shacks on the erf. The fire victims had to go camp at family for the night. The shack fire victims are requesting anyone who is willing to assist them with rebuilding or any form of help to please contact them through the newspaper or the office of the Swakopmund Fire Brigade.
The fire also destroyed a shack on erf 3075 and broke windows and water pipes on erf 3073.
Earlier on Friday afternoon, there was also a fire in Tulinawa where several shacks burned to the ground. The incident was confirmed by Nampol and was attended by the members of the Namibian Police Force and they summoned Swakopmund Municipal Fire Brigade to extinguish the fire.
No loss of life or injuries due to the fire were reported, only shacks and properties were destroyed. The cause of fire could not be ascertained.

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