Fire destroys thirteen shacks

A total of fourteen residents of Swakopmund lost their homes in Ombwindja Street, Tulinawa Mondesa after the shacks they were living in burnt to the ground on Friday at around 09:35.

The Deputy Chief of the Swakopmund Fire Brigade, Mr Gerhardt Coetzee, who confirmed this incident, said a total of thirteen shacks burned down completely, leaving about 14 people homeless. Coetzee further said that the course of the fire is still unknown. Many months have passed by since the last shack fire in Swakopmund and the people were very saddened when they were watching their neighbours’ shacks reduced to ash.
One resident who works at a mine was lucky, because his friends managed to remove all his belongings from the shack before the fire reached his shack. No lives were lost and no people were injured during the shack fire, casting a blessing over this otherwise tragic event.

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