Fire leaves family of eleven homeless

Eleven family members of the Henties Bay’s Omdel location have been left homeless after four backyard shacks were destroyed by a fire on New Year’s Day.

The fire left Louisie Xamgoases together with her three teenage sons, her nephew, Lionel Xamgoaseb, Ms Paulina Gamises with her two young daughters, Ellis Gamibeb, George Gamibeb and a person known as only Natangwe homeless. Everything was destroyed in the fire. The Erongo Mayor’s Forum on Tuesday, 4 January 2022 assisted these eleven fire victims.
Chairperson of the Erongo Mayor’s Forum, Walvis Bay Mayor, Trevino Forbes visited the site and on behalf of the Mayor’s Forum donated food and blankets to these fire victims.
Forbes said, “we have this forum, and through it we learn about each other’s needs, and so we reach out a helping hand. What we have here to assist is not much, but it is something to provide some comfort. We are one people, and we stand with each other, therefore, the local communities, businesses and government need to work hard in ensuring every citizen has a safe place to call home, as shacks are always vulnerable to fires, which result in loss of life, injury and the loss of personal belongings,” Forbes said.
Henties Bay Councillor, Michael Skini, said although backyard shacks are illegal, the people cannot just be left out in the cold. “It’s a difficult situation, and we must find the right solutions for everyone, these victims need a roof over their heads, even if it is just a shack. We as the town council of Henties Bay will assist in finding materials to help rebuild the shacks.”
Thanks to the fast response of the Henties Bay Fire Brigade, the houses were spared and fortunately, no one was injured.
According to the fire brigade, a preliminary investigation suggests that the fire was caused by an electrical fault.

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