First 20 houses under Arandis Roofing Project handed over to owners

The Arandis Town Council in collaboration with Rössing Uranium Mine handed over the first 20 houses to their owners; the houses were completed under the Arandis Roofing Project. The handover took place this week on Tuesday in Arandis.
Over the next three years the two partners will be replacing the asbestos roofs of close to 2000 houses in Arandis which were built back in the 70’s with zinc-aluminium sheets. The project is phased over three years and a total of N$28 million will be used during the first phase of the project, a number of 833 houses will have their roofs replaced, these are the houses which need urgent roof replacement.
The 20 houses which were handed over this week fall under the first phase of the project which commenced in June this year. One of the beneficiaries who has been living in her house for more than 20 years, Waltrout Tauros said she had to stay at her neighbour’s house when the team started with the replacement of her roof.
“It was a very fast process, it took them only two days to replace my roof and nothing was damaged in the process. Every-thing went smoothly”, said Tauros. All furniture was covered with plastic sheets for safe keeping.
The Managing Director of Rössing Uranium Mine, Werner Duvenhage said that he is very proud to share that this project is the leading project in Namibia, where old asbestos roofs of houses and buildings are replaced with alu-zinc roofs.
The Mayor of Arandis Risto Kapendah said: “I am urging all residents to be patient with the roofing replacement process and to cooperate with all those who are involved in the Arandis Roofing Project.
We are working to improve Arandis town for its residents”.
Kapendah applauded Zone Leaders, the volunteers who have been the middle man between the town council and the community. The Zone Leaders play the role of encouraging home-owners to cooperate with the Arandis Roofing Project technical team.
In addition, the roof of the Kolin Foundation Secondary school was also repaired and the team is busy with the primary schools.

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