First ever Christmas Pool Cup

The Swakopmund Pool Club (SPC) will be hosting the first ever Christmas Cup Pool Competition on 19 December. The competition will take place at 30 Something Lounge in Tamariskia. There will be four pool tables which can accommodate 16 teams or more.
The Swakopmund Pool Club want to use the Christmas Cup as their trademark and it will become an annual event said William Eimann, the Secretary of Swakopmund Pool Club. “I would like to officially announce and invite all other pool clubs in Namibia, all holiday makers, visitors and the Swakopmund community to help us build this trademark and to make it ours” said William. According to William the competition is well planned and it will have a Christmas atmosphere.
The prizes for the competition are sponsored by Namibia Breweries and Cymot. William said SPC really appreciate what all businesses, Non- governmental Organisations and Swak-opmunders in general did for them in the past. Some of the biggest achievements of the Swakopmund Pool Club is being part of Project Shine, a town cleaning campaign which is run by the Swakopmund Municipality. SPC have also been giving food to some soup kitchens in DRC as a form of giving back to the community. In the past eight months, SPC have played five games in total and have won three of those games. According to William, they have also hosted teams from Rundu and Rehoboth. The winner of the competition will walk away with a Christmas Cup, 6 glass gold medals, N$1 000 cash, three cases of beer sponsored by Namibia Breweries and an HD Pump Compressor sponsored by Cymot. There are great prizes for the teams that wins second, third and fourth place.

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