First MX in Swakopmund in six years

Dust, dirt and roaring motors. For the first time in six years the revamped motocross track northeast of Swakopmund was once again filled with motorbikes and utilised to its full potential. A total of 54 bikes with riders from across the country took part in the first Swakopmund official motocross practice day held last Saturday.
“We were actually surprised how many riders and spectators showed up. We are really happy with the outcome,” said Mike Nederlof, one of the organisers, to namib times. For the past four weeks a team of motocross riders and enthusiasts spent their days at the old track to bring it up to scratch. “It is now a really nice track compared to before,” Nederlof continued.
In total the track is 1.7 kilometres long and consists of eleven jumps of various sizes.
“We also included a few more straights and brought in a lot of sand to fill all the waterholes,” he said. Most of the riders and attendees were impressed by the high standard of the track, so much so, that it was already determined that the Namibian Motocross Championship will be hosted there on the 22 October.
“It was not a competition. We had various practice sessions for the different classes and a fun race in the end,” Nederlof continued. He wishes to extend his appreciation to Salt Company for making the ground available, as well as the other sponsors being Premier Construction, RB Builders, Coastal Cement Works and to Norbert Sadlowski. Nederlof revealed that the next event will be a fun race to take place later in the year. A date is yet to be determined.

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