Fistball league 3rd round at SFC

The third round action of the Bank Windhoek fistball league will take place on Saturday 8 June at the SFC.

The favorites who entered the tournament will be the Cohen 1 team, which is mainly made up of national players that will participate at the world cup in Switzerland in August. They want to extend their 4-point advantage over SKW 1.
In Group A, defending champions CFC 1 will face SKW 2, CFC 3 and host SFC 2. Even without their injured captain, Götz Friedrich, who suffered a shoulder injury in training and thus has to pause for 6 weeks, it should be a feasible task for the CFC 1 to achieve the group victory. As the group’s underdog, SFC 2 will have a hard time winning games against their opponents from the capital city.
In Group B, SKW 1, CFC 2, SFC 1 and DTS will battle it out. Although the Blue-Whites were able to push SKW 1 to a near defeat, they were not yet capable to snatch a victory. This will probably remain unchanged even in this league round. SFC 1 could prevail against the weakened Cohen 2 and reach the semi-finals for the first time this season.
The first matches will kick off at 08h30.

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