Fistball League at SKW

Last Saturday saw the first match day of the 1st round of Bank Windhoek Fistball League at SKW. After a gripping final Cohen 1 secured the tournaments victory and thus the first 12 points.

In Group A, the defending champion CFC 1 played first against SFC 2, SKW 2, DTS and CFC 3. All games were won but their yellow playing Cohen team had to suffer their first set loss since June 2018 against SKW 2. The matches were exciting as DTS won 2-1 against SKW 2 and could also win against SFC 2 but were beaten by CFC 3 with 2-1. SKW 2 won 3-0 against CFC 3 and SFC 2 and thus secured the second place in the group by winning one set more than the competition. Third was CFC 3 followed by DTS and SFC 2.
In Group B, the record champion SKW 1 won all games 3-0 and thus the group. Behind them were CFC 2, who could win all matches except for SKW 1. SFC 1 and CFC 4 took the places 3 and 4.
In the placement match for third and fourth place the second team of Cohen was victorious in an impressive performance against SKW 2. CFC 3 lost 2-0 to SFC 1 in the rank 5 and 6 encounter. DTS, CFC 4 and SFC 2 played out the places 7 to 9 in a round robin.
The spectators were offered a high-quality finale between CFC 1 and SKW 1. SKW 1 first got off to a better start in the game and pulled away. At the score of 7:3 CFC 1 called a time-out hoping to catch up. CFC 1 came close, however, the routiners of the green-white ones did not allow the set to be lost. In the 2nd set CFC 1 improved their performance but had difficulties to finish the set at the score of 10:5. However, the main attacker Rico Kühnle-Kreitz brought the set to an end with a powerful service with a score 11:9. In set 3, the reigning champion left SKW 1 no chance and won it clearly with 11:4. Set 4 was exciting with spectacular rallies and terrific defensive actions. Finally, CFC 1 once again kept the upper hand and finished the set 14:12, thus winning the game 3-1.
Defender Gernot Helm of SKW 1 was named player of the day. The next league round will take place on the 13th of April at CFC.
The log standing after round one with log points in brackets:

  1. CFC 1 (12)
  2. SKW 1 (10)
  3. CFC 2 (8)
  1. SKW 2 (6)
  2. SFC 1 (4)
  3. CFC 3 (2)
  1. DTS 1
  2. CFC 4 (0)
  3. SFC 2 (0)

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