Flairs for Rhinos

The past couple of weeks Namibian Red Bull BMX athlete, Eric Garbers collaborated with the Rhino Momma Project to generate awareness for Rhino Conservation in Namibia.

Eric stepped into the rhino’s habitat and spent several days in the bush to get the one in a million shot of him performing flair together with a rhino. A flair is a technical BMX trick which combines a back-flip with a 180-degree turn.
The Rhino Momma Project was founded in 2011 as an effort to fight the dropping rhino population around the world and repopulate Namibia with these magnificent animals. Since then, the Rhino Momma Project has grown into a successful rhino conservation project where rhinos can live freely in the wild.
Eric Garbers said, “It has been such an amazing experience working with these rhinos and the team from the Rhino Momma Project. Only once we step out of our vehicles and into their habitat, we realize how magnificent these animals are. It was a truly a humbling experience being up close and personal with the rhinos.”
Eric Garbers started the #flair4rhinoschallenge concept to motivate BMX athletes around the world involved in the fight against rhino poaching. He has challenged all BMX athletes to post a photo of a BMX trick on social media with the hashtag #flair4- rhinoschallenge to increase awareness of the current situation in Namibia. The challenge has gained great traction so far with BMX athletes from Dubai and South Africa joining in on the #flair4 -rhinoschallenge.
During the current drought situation, the Rhino Momma Project needs to feed the animals on a regular basis. The nonprofit organization depends solely on donations which can be done through their website, www.rhinomomma.com
Additionally, members of the public can “adopt” rhinos at the Rhino Momma Project and become foster parents for these rhinos for a specified period. We urge the public to get involved and support the Rhino Momma Project to conserve the rhino population in Namibia.

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