Floating classroom alongside

The world’s oldest remaining full-rigged tallship, Sorlandet, arrived in the port of Walvis Bay earlier this week. Also called a floating school, the vessel accommodates up to seventy trainees between the ages of fifteen and seventy years of age to sail the world’s oceans to experience traditional life aboard a tall ship. Experiences include being able to overcome one’s fear of climbing the tall masts to manage and operate the tall ship’s intricate network of sails. You can also be taught the art of being a helmsman, lookout, safety officer and participating in active sail manoeuvres, according to information obtained from Google.

The ship’s owner, a non-profitable organisation, makes an income to maintain the ship in seagoing order by inviting up to 170 paid passengers aboard and alongside as many as 200 guests can be accommodated.
The call at port of Sorlandet is very special: she was built in 1927 in the Norwegian city of Kristiansand, a twin city of Walvis Bay. Since, she also earned a few accolades, which include: the first Norwegian training ship that crossed the Atlantic (1933), the first tallship in the world to offer sail training for women (1981) and she participated in the first tallship international race in 1956.

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