Flooded with sewerage water

Indulge Guesthouse situated in Moses Garoeb street in Swakopmund was flooded with sewage water last weekend. A blocked sewage drain was the cause.
The Health Services Department at the Swakopmund Municipality received the complaint from the Manager of Indulge Guest house, Oeloff Henning, and they sent a team to investigate. A report from the department shows that property in a downstairs apartment was contaminated with sewage effluent posing a major health risk to occupants. Small items of furniture were moved around, and carpets completely ruined. The report further stated the need for immediate decontamination.
In an interview with namib times, Oeloff discussed the impact of this unfortunate situation on his business, stating that the contamination had left a stench on the premises such that it would be impossible to host guests in the down-stairs apartment. The extent of damage to property is still being evaluated.
Oeloff, however, stressed that the assistance he received from the municipality was beyond what he expected. “They arrived within fifteen minutes and spent hours pumping the water out”, although disappointed by the occurrence, he stresses the efficiency of the Health Services Department in helping alleviate the situation.
Hydrogen Sulphide is a toxic gas present in sewage water, which can be harmful if inhaled at high levels. In addition, innumerable pathogens and harmful chemicals are also present.
“Disposal of solid waste such as plastics and sanitary towels is the main cause of the blockages experienced in the town. Residents are reminded to be mindful of the waste they dispose as the sewer system is not meant for solid objects,” said a worker on the scene who refused to be named.
namib times contacted the Municipality’s Health Department to discover what the actual cause of this severe flooding was and what could be done to resolve it permanently.
However, no response to these queries had been received by the time of going to press.

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