Florian won Namib Race

The Namib Race that was won by Florian Vieux from Switzerland with an outstanding performance as he won all the stages and claimed his first 4 Deserts.

The Namib Race was held in the remote Skeleton Coast National Park in Namibia where competitors experienced very hot temperatures, beautiful sights such as a seal colony, shipwrecks and unique flora and fauna. It was an intense competition that kept everyone on their toes.
The top 3 men and women were:
1st Florian Vieux Switzerland 23:54:26
2nd Daniel Parr England 25:15:44
3rd Christophe Santini France 27:27:23
The top 3 women were;
1st Joasia Zakrzewski Scotland 28:10:44
2nd Clare Thompson England 30:31:02
3rd Szilvia Lubics Hungary 31:59:51
29 & Under Yudai Nagayasu Japan 42:28:34
30-39 years Bruno Ribeiro Brazil 32:02:48
40-49 years Rod Williams Australia 27:31:27
50-59 years Salvador Redondo Spain 31:06:26
60-69 years Donald Sandeman Scotland 37:16:45
Misa Iwamoto Japan 47:56:28
Katherine Pang Hong Kong 40:13:59
Lara Reynolds South Africa 37:00:46
Anim Swart Canada 38:23:04
Kazuko Kaihata Japan 44:07:02
There was only one team in the race, but even so, to complete a race as a team is even more difficult than as an individual. You can only go as fast as your slowest member on that day. In this case there were five legs in their team of three people as Mr Fung has a prosthetic leg.
We are proud to award Team MidLife Crazies the team award. Team members from Hong Kong are Mr & Mrs Fung and Edwin Ma.
Racing The Planet Ultras are true races with some of the most talented runners in the world taking part (imagine running a marathon in the desert with a pack, sometimes in the heat, after running for many days already and then completing it under 4 hours.
However there is more to the races. Being out in this beautiful places, pushing your body and mind, appreciating the small things in life and realising what is important and above all meeting, helping and accepting support from new friends from around the world.
The award went to Jason Chou from Taiwan
These people have already completed the Gobi March, Atacama Crossing and The Last Desert (Antarctica). The Namib Race 2019 was their final race in the 4 Deserts Ultra marathon Series and they are now members of the exclusive 4 Deserts Club that has only a few hundred members, despite more than 10 000 people having completed a 4 Deserts or Racing The Planet Ultra. The new members are Christophe Santini from France, Jason Chou from Taiwan, Mr and Mrs. Fung from Hong Kong and Jim Kan from Taiwan
The total schedule of 7 days – 6 stages and 250km were:
Stage 1 – Entering the Skeleton Coast 42 km
Stage 2 – Diamond Trail over Scotts Bridge 40 km
Stage 3 – Skeleton Beach Run 43 km
Stage 4 – The Long March – Rest Day 81 km
Stage 5 – Dune Day 40 km
Stage 6 – The Final Footsteps in the Namib Desert 10 km
The Namib Race may be over but there are still two more Racing The Planet Ultras this year and registrations are open for the five races in 2020.

  • GOBI MARCH (MONGOLIA) – 28 July 2019
  • ATACAMA CROSSING (CHILE) – 29 Sept 2019
    The next Namib Desert Race will be 26 April 2020 and the organizers would like to see a few Namibians competing.

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