FNB donates N$100 000 to Mondesa Youth Opportunities

FNB, through the FirstRand Foundation, is proud to sponsor Mondesa Youth Opportunities Trust (MYO) with N$100 000 in support of the work they do to enhance and further the education of underprivileged learners in the Swakopmund district.

“FNB understands that the success of our nation and the future of all Namibians depend on good education and sound moral and social development” says Revonia Kahivere, First-Rand Namibia CSI Manager.
MYO has served the Swakopmund community by giving promising learners a wider, thorough education based on foundation work in Mathematics, English and Computer Skills, focusing on reading and understanding.
Learners are taken in free of charge. In return, good discipline, good attitudes and good attendance are required. MYO students achieve outstanding examination results and are recognised at their schools for their good standing.
The work of MYO is based on donations from organisations which understand and support the aim of quality education, such as FNB Namibia.

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