FNB Sandman Triathlon 2020

Rudi Bowe

Team Eight Eight Sixteen Megatron consisting of Phillip Seidler (swimming), Erich Goeieman (running) and Morne Hornibal (cycling) are the winners of the men’s team category in the ultra-division of the popular FNB Sandman Triathlon that was held last Sunday 6 December at the Mole in Swakopmund.

A total of 350 participants including four from Zimbabwe, competing in the ultra, standard, sprint and mini categories of the 36th edition of the popular FNB Sandman Triathlon
Phillip Seidler completed the 1.9km swim in 20:21 with team-mates Erich Goeieman and Morne Hornibal maintained the lead established by Seidler and clinched first place in the 21.1km run in time of 1:18:43 and 90km cycle in time of 02:30:13 respective.
Namibia’s senior national Triathlon champion Konrad Marais was the winner of the ultra-men’s elite category in a time of four hours and 38 minutes with Risa Dreyer the winner in the elite ladies’ ultra-category in a time of four hours and 59 minutes.
Seidler said “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much!” Thank to Helen Keller and my team mates Erich Goeieman (runner) and Morne Hornibal (cyclist) together we worked hard and pushed our limits to make our dreams happen.”
“Thank you to our sponsor Megatron and awareness of Eight Eight Sixteen for all premature babies. If our little babies are the strongest fighters to survive, we have the privilege to show our strength in performance” Seidler said.
Another thank you goes out to #youth-fulliving for great supplements to keep us charged for the races and thank you to my sponsor Suzelle Pronk Physiotherapy for keeping my muscles lekker loose.
The official results in all the categories with overall time in brackets are as follows:

MINI TRIATHLON (150m swim, 6km cycling, 3km run)
Ladies u/15: Emma Brinkmann (41:21), Cara Kruger (45:13) and Anke Kahl (50:45)
Men u/15: Micah Chase (33:50), Fourie Steyn (34:39) and James Langford (34:55)
Elite ladies o/15: Irene Steyn (36:57), Magriet Heyns (45:18) and Ralette Miller (47:33)
Elite men o/15: Greg Chase (33:52), Phillip Steyn (36:31) and Dominic Fitzpatrick (46:08)
Team: 1. The Mini Musketeers (42:50) and JohPhiTi Team (01:09:24)

SPRINT TRIATHLON (400m swim, 20km cycle and 3km run)
Ladies u/15: Ada Kahl (01:13:58), Maja Brinkmann (01:17:12) and Mackenzie Späth (01:17:12)
Men u/15: Nathan Chase (01:06:19), Kian Brinkmann (01:11:44) and Keegan Murphy (01:16:57)
Elite ladies o/15: Hilde-Marie Olivier (01:01:41), Corrilly Yates (01:03:33) and Tania Wiese (01:09:59)
Elite men o/15: Wiehan Kohler (01:03:13), Louis Burger (01:03:31) and JD Visser (01:04:00)
Veteran ladies: Marijke Egerer (01:14:34), Anne Scharrenbroich (01:15:36) and Odette Grant (01:19:43)
Veteran men: Mark Brinkmann (01:00:57), Axel Theissen (01:03:46) and Wynand Dreyer (01:05:13)
Ladies sprint teams: Dawn and Maja (01:09:39), Speedy Sloths (01:12:38) and Jessica & Linda (01:33:13)
Men sprint teams: Broskies (01:15:34), NDJ Windhoek (01:15:49) and Three-4-E’s (01:48:02)
Sprint teams mixed: 2 rhinos and the gazelle (01:01:52), Pierre & Chantelle (01:33:10)
Standard Triathlon (1km swim, 40km cycle and 10km run)
Elite ladies u/40: Julika Paul (02:19:08), Berta Theron (02:31:01) and Julia Jansen van Rensburg (02:31:58)
Elite men u/40: Divan du Plooy (01:58:10), Herbert Peters (02:04:27) and Sebastian Pahl (02:07:47)
Veteran ladies: Charmaine Shannon (02:40:23), Bronwen Chase (02:44:43) and Marion Schonecke (02:45:12)
Veteran men: Andrew Rowles (02:13:53), Peter Brinkman (02:14:20) and Mark Späth (02:18:48)
Ladies masters (o/50): Karin Brockmann (03:03:22) and Berrit Graf (03:12:17)
Men’s masters: Jean Marais (02:22:10), Harald Preschel (02:57:09) and Riaan Burger (02:58:51)
Ladies standard teams: Xsv Lab Ladies (02:26:47), Shack Attack (02:30:26) and Terrific Trio (02:38:40)
Men standard teams: Last Minute (02:18:30), Total Pioneerspark Service Station (02:22:16) and Winners (02:29:48)
Mixed standard teams: Team Ellis (02:18:32), Surfing Cyclists (02:37:45) and Skin you alive (02:38:56)

ULTRA TRIATHLON (1.9km swim, 90km cycle and 21km run)

Elite ladies u/40” Risa Dreyer (04:59:21) and Benita Kasch (05:09: 45)
Elite men u/40: Konrad Marais (04:38: 02), Horst Neumann (04:58:43) and Jan Louis Mostert (05:16 21)
Veteran ladies: Adele de la Rey (05:22:09), Tafadzwz Chigumira (07:28:17) and Evonne Mudzingwa (07:42:46)
Veteran men: David Gardener (05:03:20), Paul Brinkmann (05;20:08) and Rene Graf (05:31:530)
Ladies masters: Marion Himmel (06:38:20)
Men’s masters: Neil Clark (05:08:23), Adrian de la Harpe (05:12:38) and Colin Colegrave (05:21: 32)
Ladies teams: Blonde Ambition (05:57:05)
Men’s teams: Team 8-8-16 Megatron (04:09:17), GJH (04:47:40) and Super Man (05:09:01)
Mixed teams: Just Tri Mixed (04:35:05), Loch-ness Monsters (05:01:48) and Lumber City Tri (05:07:22)

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