FNB Sandman Triathlon

Rudi Bowe

Phillip Seidler, Justin Vosloo and Erich Goeieman was the winners of the Team Triple Thread at the First National Bank Sandman Triathlon, which took place in Swakopmund.

An exceptional total of 272 competitors participated in the popular triathlon, with the start/ finish and transition area located at The Mole. The event organised by OTB Sport accommodated 162 individual competitors and 37 three-member teams.
Triathletes could opt for participation in the ultra, standard (1km swim, 40km cycling and 10km run), sprint (400m swim, 20km cycling and 4km run) or mini 150m swim, 7km cycling and 3km run) categories.
The results were as follows:


  1. Tyrone Kotze (4:40:17)
  2. Sebastian Pahl (4:43:24)
  3. Gareth Jooste (4:46:23)
  4. Adele de la Rey (5:18:39)
  5. Benita Kasch (5:25:30)
  6. JulikaPahl (5:28:35)

Standard distance

  1. Andrew Rowles (2:18:56)
  2. Peter Brinkmann (2:22:02)
  3. John Valentin (2:24:08)
  4. Lelani Swart (2:39:35)
  5. Antje Tietz (2:44:33)
  6. Bobby- Jo Bassingthwaighte (2:51:49)

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