FNB Swakopmund gives Christmas presents to Ann’s angels

The First National Bank’s Swakopmund area office donated Christmas presents to children in the DRC informal settlement under its kindness program: Random Act of Kindness, to surprise the children at a soup kitchen in DRC.

Sharlien Tjambari

On Wednesday this week eight staff members from the Swakopmund FNB Branch consisting of Samuel Franz (Sales Area Manager), Wessel Victor (Operational Area Manager), Nicky Louw (Human Resource Business Plan Area Manager), Lucille Moller, Meo-Lee Swartz, Rosa Kantema, Stephanie Van Wyk and Rodney Coetzee (SME Area Manager), visited Ann’s Angels Soup Kitchen located in DRC, to give Christmas presents to over 200 beneficiaries of the soup kitchen and shared cup cakes with the children. FNB also donated vegetables and drinks towards the soup kitchen.
Ann’s Angels Soup Kitchen was founded by Anna Karises in 2014 and started with only 50 children from the informal settlement whose parents could not afford to put bread on the table for them.
Now, after four years, the number of children has drastically increased to 250. Anna gives food to the kids every Wednesday, but said she really hoped she could do more. “I hope that by next year, with the help of sponsors, I will be able to provide my angels a meal two times a week.
I am very thankful to FNB for this kind donation, before they approached me, I was so worried about my angels and where I will find presents for them this year. When they told me they were coming, I was very excited”, said Anna.

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