Follow road rules to arrive alive

Sharlien Tjambari

The festive season public education campaign was launched on Friday, 3 December at the Swakopmund roadblock. The campaign aims to create awareness on road safety on the B2 Highway for the festive season. The public education campaign runs until 15 January 2022.

According to Ambrosius Tierspoor, the Head of Communications at the National Road Safety Council of Namibia, the greatest stretches of problem roads on the B2 highway is from Okahandja to Swakopmund and on the B1 road from Noordoewer to Otavi. “These two highways take almost 52% of lives in terms of road fatalities, so we create awareness specifically on these two highways because that is where the problem is. The reason why we start in Swakopmund is because the whole country travel to the coast during the festive season and from all the roads come and merge either at Karibib, Okahandja and all the way to the coast.”
Tierspoor said their main objectives is to save lives, to reduce the number of fatalities through their public education campaigns. “If you want to arrive alive just follow the road rules, if it says 120 kilometres then keep to the 120. There is a reason why engineers have recommended a 120 kilometre per hour on our national roads, if you go above that, there is a possibility that either your tyre will burst, or you will lose control or if there is a situation ahead on the road you might not be able to control the vehicle. Our target for the next ten years is to reduce death and injury by 50%”, Tierspoor concluded. Motorists receive a brochure containing some road safety tips when arriving at the roadblock.

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