Food packages for the elderly

Shalom Pentecostal Church of Namibia has a project going of the monthly provision of food packages to the elderly.

More than 35 elders benefit from this project at this stage.

“Sometimes we get sponsorship from Shoprite, Pick n Pay, Mr Price and Ackermans”, explains the Church Secretary, Mrs Belinda Karases.

Karases says the food packages are roughly worth N$21 000. Karases urges the public and business community to donate anything they can to help feed the elderly people of Swakopmund.

The packages include daily necessities such as maize meal, sugar, tea, coffee, macaroni, rice and many other goodies.

The Swakopmund Municipality also gave packages: “so this time the elders received two packages, one from the church and another from the Municipality”, explained Karases.


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